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Marketing and Communications Committee

Committee Charge

The Marketing and Communications Committee serves in an advisory capacity and is responsible for providing input on the strategies used to promote the College's mission, programs, initiatives, and achievements to internal and external audiences. The Committee collaborates with the marketing and communications staff to enhance the College's image and visibility across multiple platforms, including digital and social media, public relations, and special events.

Specific responsibilities include the following:

  1. Serve as a conduit for the regular communication of local information to the college level for broader dissemination.
  2. Contribute to the College's online presence, including webpages, social media platforms, and digital info stations.
  3. Support scheduled special events and activities highlighting the College's people, programs, and accomplishments.
  4. Provide feedback on marketing and communications strategies, including recommendations for improvement.
  5. Align efforts with University Relations for consistency in messaging and branding across communication channels.

Each year, the Committee may also be asked to engage in additional activities tied to University or College initiatives or directives.

Committee Structure

The Director of Marketing and Communications serves as the chair of this Committee. Membership of this committee includes one full-time faculty member from each School, one representative from the Office of Student Success, one representative from the Office of Research and Engagement, and one representative from the Office of Online Education and Technology.

Committee Eligibility and Membership

All full-time staff and faculty members are eligible to serve on the Marketing and Communications Committee. The length of term is one-year, although appointments are renewable. The Director of Marketing and Communications works directly with the respective Deans and Directors to determine representation. Selection of committee members will occur by August 15 of each Academic Year.