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Academic Affairs Committee for the College

Committee Charge

The College Academic Affairs Committee discusses, reviews, and recommends proposals that affect academic programs within the College, including course proposals, course changes, program changes, and the addition and deletion of programs. 

The College Academic Affairs Committee also reviews applications for graduate faculty membership. After application review, the committee forwards their decisions regarding graduate faculty membership to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, who provides the letter of appointment and copies the relevant School Director. School Directors are responsible for uploading these letters into the faculty member’s Digital Measures account. Summary notes of each College Academic Affairs Committee meeting are to be taken and distributed to each of the School Directors and the Office of Student Success in a timely manner.

Committee Structure

Membership of the College Academic Affairs Committee includes two full-time faculty members from each School. These members serve two-year terms, with terms staggering to ensure continuity.

Committee Eligibility and Membership

All full-time faculty members are eligible for membership. At least one faculty member from each School needs to have graduate faculty membership. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs works directly with the respective Deans and Directors to determine representation. Selection of committee members will occur by August 15 of each Academic Year. The Committee will meet within two weeks of being formed to elect a chair and discuss upcoming committee business. At the first meeting, the membership will select a Chair, Chair-Elect, and Secretary. It is expected that the Chair-Elect becomes Chair during the following year. All are voting members of the committee. If a committee member is unable to attend a meeting, they should make every effort to send a similarly eligible proxy. This proxy shall be from the same School. Such proxies are to be afforded full participation and voting privileges. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, or their designee, serves as an ex-officio member.