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Online Education and Technology Committee

Committee Charge

The Online Education and Technology Committee serves in an advisory capacity and is responsible for informing the College on development and implementation of effective online education programs and technology infrastructure. The Committee works to enhance the quality and accessibility of online education offerings and to ensure that the technology systems adequately support these programs.

Specific responsibilities include the following:

  1. Inform the development of policies and procedures related to online education and technology infrastructure to facilitate compliance with regulatory and industry standards.
  2. Advise the College on selecting and implementing technology platforms and systems to support online education programs.
  3. Guide faculty and staff development related to online education and technology infrastructure, including training and support for learning management systems (LMS) and instructional design and technology tools.
  4. Monitor the effectiveness of the technology infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement and recommending changes to enhance the student and faculty experience.
  5. Evaluate emerging trends and best practices in online education and technology and recommend innovative solutions for the College to remain competitive and meet the needs of students and faculty.

Each year, the Committee may also be asked to engage in additional activities tied to University or College initiatives or directives.

Committee Structure

The Associate Dean for Online Education serves as the chair of this Committee. Membership of this Committee includes one instructional designer, one professional technologist, one online student support specialist, and one full-time faculty member representing each online major in the College.

Committee Structure and Membership

All full-time staff and faculty members are eligible to serve on the Online Education and Technology Committee. The length of term is one-year, although appointments are renewable. The Associate Dean for Online Education works directly with the respective Deans and Directors to determine representation. Selection of committee members will occur by August 15 of each Academic Year.