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Research and Engagement Committee

Committee Charge

The Research and Engagement Committee (R&E Committee) works to advance the research mission of the College. In carrying out its work, the R&E Committee promotes a college-wide focus on growing a strong research culture among faculty and students that draws on the applied nature of the research and community engagement work occurring across the three CAHS Schools.

Specific responsibilities include the following:

  1. Plan, promote, and facilitate 3 CAHS R&E Colloquia Events (October, December, February).
  2. Plan, promote, and facilitate CAHS Research Week Event(s) that primarily feature faculty research in all 3 schools (and can also feature student research) (March/April).
  3. Plan, promote, and facilitate a college-wide community service/outreach event to promote CAHS engagement with the broader community.
  4. Implement application, selection, and review process for the Ostrow International Achievement Award (student award).
  5. Provide recommendation for recipients of this award to the Dean and Associate Dean for Research and Engagement.
  6. Review applications for CAHS Faculty-Led International Short-Term Travel Funding Requests and provide funding recommendation to the Dean and Associate Dean for Research and Engagement.

Each year, the Committee may also be asked to engage in additional activities tied to University or College initiatives or directives.

Committee Structure

Membership of the R&E Committee will include two full-time faculty members from each School. These members will serve two-year terms, with terms staggering to ensure continuity. The Associate Dean for Research and Engagement will serve in an advisory role on the committee.

Committee Eligibility and Membership

All full-time faculty members whose workload agreement requires active research and/or engagement activity are eligible to serve on the Research and Engagement Committee. The Associate Dean for Research and Engagement works directly with the respective Deans and Directors to determine representation. Selection of committee members will occur by August 15 of each Academic Year. The Committee will meet within two weeks of being formed to elect a chair and discuss upcoming committee business. At the first meeting, the R&E Committee membership will select a Chair and Chair-Elect, and It is expected that the Chair-Elect becomes Chair during the following year. All are voting members of the committee. If a regular member is unable to attend a meeting, they should make every effort to send a similarly eligible proxy. This proxy shall be from the same School. Such proxies are to be afforded full participation and voting privileges.