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Conversation Starters

As hard as we try, parents and loved ones don’t completely understand all of the day-to-day challenges that our college students face today. Here, we help give you context on what’s happening here at WVU and beyond so you don’t always have to guess about what’s going on in their world. Whether it’s a text, tweet or snap, these topics will help you get a talk started with your student.

  • Have a conversation regarding your expectations when it comes to communication, money, grades, and visiting home. Coming to a solid understanding of expectations will enable you and your student to move forward on the same page.

  • College courses are meant to be challenging. It is completely normal for students to face difficulties. That’s where tutoring comes in. WVU has tutoring available both in-person and virtually, both drop-in and by appointment. Encourage your student to consider using tutoring as a way to catch up or pull ahead in their courses. For more information on tutoring resources at WVU, visit