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Faculty Senate Representatives

The WVU Faculty Senate charge can be found in the Faculty Constitution on the WVU Faculty Senate website under the Faculty Resources tab. The expectation is that Senators jointly communicate the outcomes of Faculty Senate meetings to the Dean’s Office for dissemination to the College in a timely manner. The Faculty Constitution details eligibility in terms of representation for each college. The Faculty Senate manages elections and emails ballots to faculty within those colleges who have open Senate positions, typically in early Spring. The CAHS ballot only includes those faculty who are eligible to represent the College as Faculty Senators. If a college does not have vacant seats, no ballot is sent. Senators represent and are elected at the college level. Senators represent CAHS as a whole and do not represent specific programs, majors, or schools. The Dean of the College of Applied Human Sciences meets periodically with the CAHS Faculty Senators to ensure that there is full transparency regarding College’s strategic interests and priorities. The number of Faculty Senators is dependent on the number of faculty in a college. In the Faculty Constitution, beginning on line 131, it states: “The number of Senators elected from each constituency shall be based upon one elected Senator for each twenty (20) or fraction of twenty (20) members of the University Assembly who are responsible to that particular constituent administrative unit, provided that no constituency shall comprise more than 39% of the overall membership of the Senate. It shall be the responsibility of the Faculty Senate Office to ensure accurate representation of faculty in constituencies, and of the faculty populations the constituencies represent.” During the 2023-2024 Academic Year, CAHS will have five (5) members so that Faculty Senators elected prior to the merge can serve out the remainder of their terms. Based on the number of CAHS faculty (2023-2024), CAHS will have four (4) members going forward. The number of senators will vary given the number of faculty, and the number of Senators for the 2024-2025 Academic Year is not known at this time.