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Finding your passions at WVU

While your students are attending West Virginia University, they will have countless opportunities to identify and develop their passions. Many students find that what drives and motivates them aligns closely with their coursework or field of study. 

In the College of Applied Human Sciences, the applied nature of our programs gives students first-hand experience in those fields—they will get to speak with individuals in, study, and contribute to their field before they walk across the stage at graduation. Here, students are allowed to explore what it is like to work and study in a hospital, a school, with a sports team, etc. Whether in general coursework or our placement-based internship and capstone courses, our students’ learning is tailored to the real-life, career-based work our students will do to ensure their passions extend beyond WVU. If your student has not yet begun discussions about shadowing, placements, etc., they might like to bring it up to their advisor at their next advising meeting or meet with our Student Experience Coordinator.  

For some students, they may find their passion through an extra-curricular opportunity. WVU has a wide variety of club, sports, community service, and study abroad opportunities. Consider talking to your students about exploring these areas—they might something unexpected will spark their passion.  

WVU Engage is a fantastic database of every official student organization at WVU; there are over four hundred! Some clubs for the CAHS majors include the Health and Well-Being Club, the Mental Health and Addiction Studies Club, the Sport and Exercise Psychology Club, the Sport Management Club, and Kappa Delta Pi (Honor Society in Education).  

Intramural Sports can be an important outlet for many students to decompress from their coursework. Through sport, students might find themselves to thrive in leadership and/or team-based roles. These are important takeaways for them to learn before they enter the job force. Many students in our majors find that there is a specific demographic or cause they hope to serve in their studies and careers.  

iServe is a fantastic way for students to experience new contexts in a community service role. Through iServe, students can serve groups and causes important to them, and they can be exposed to new contexts in the greater Morgantown area. iServe will also keep track of all your volunteering opportunities which can make resume writing a breeze! 

Education Abroad can expose students to cultures and experiences beyond the hills and mountains of West Virginia. There are several faculty-led programs offered through our college, and many other options offered through the study abroad office. Students often find that studying abroad may spark a new passion or a new way of thinking that they can bring home and incorporate into their lives and careers.  

If your student is still hoping to find what drives them, they should reach out to their advisor (Student Success Coordinator) and ask for some guidance. We advisors are here to help your students explore the many opportunities for enrichment and discovery of their passions while here at WVU.  

Hilary Woodrum
Student Success Coordinator
College of Applied Human Sciences
West Virginia University


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