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Alumni Visiting Committee

The College Alumni Visiting Committee is a group of successful alumni who return to campus annually to share their insights and provide feedback on industry trends and best practices. The primary role of the Visiting Committee is to offer an outside perspective on the College of Applied Human Sciences and its programs.

They collaborate with faculty, staff, and students to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth. Through their experiences in the industry, the committee members can also offer valuable insights into the latest trends and practices. They help the College to stay current and relevant in a rapidly changing field, and to prepare students for success in their careers. Their input is highly valued and often leads to changes in curriculum, program design, and other aspects of the College's operations (Academic Program Subcommittee). In addition to providing programmatic feedback, the committee members serve as mentors and role models for current students. They share their personal stories and offer guidance on how to navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise in the workforce (Student Success Subcommittee). Finally, members play a key role alumni outreach and engagement including recognition (e.g., Hall of Fame, Outstanding Alumni Award, Alumni Associations Awards), fundraising (e.g., Annual Day of Giving), and special events/initiatives (e.g., Homecoming, Connect).