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CAHS offers many resources and opportunities for students and faculty, to succeed in any one of our undergraduate, master’s or doctoral programs. For those who prefer our online master's program, we welcome you to our college anytime you visit campus.

Applied Human Sciences Building (AHB)

The Applied Human Sciences Building is located next to the WVU Rec. Center. 

Active Learning Center

Active Learning

The Steelcase Active Learning Center (ALC), features flexible workspaces designed for collaborative learning and problem-solving. The physical space supports the use of mobile devices, distance learning technologies and other interactive features to facilitate a more fluid teaching and learning environment for both students and instructors.

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Advising Office

Student Success

College can be challenging. The Office of Student Success is ready to help with many aspects to help students succeed with personal academic goals. Our staff engages students throughout their CAHS degree. Recruiting, transitioning, advising and monitoring success are just a few of the important services provided. Office of Student Success experts provide resume building and career path assistance. Appointments are encouraged.

Office of Student Success
Research Technology

Research Technology

CAHS faculty and student researchers have access to assistive technology that allows for the capture of motion, movement and physical activity patterns. Some commonly used devices include advanced pedometers, accelerometers, biofeedback devices, tablets and audio-video recorders. College-based researchers can synthesize information from these devices with advanced data analysis software including SPSS, SAS and Nvivo.

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Green Space

Close to It All

The Health and Education building is centrally located on the Evansdale campus, with the student recreation fields and recreation center a few steps from our front door. Multiple residence halls, cafes and two PRT stations are nearby. Meet friends in our comfortable lobby or personalized study areas or visit Evansdale Crossing for sweeping views of the campus. You can truly live, study, work, dine, and play all within minutes of our building.

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Specialized Classrooms

CAHS contains a fitness and research lab, an active learning classroom, eight technology enhanced instructional rooms, a multipurpose room and three conference rooms ready to make your educational experience more innovative.

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Study Lobby

Room to Study

Multiple study areas for individuals and small groups are located throughout the three story facility. The first floor features an inviting area with large windows sporting views of the soccer fields, walking track and glimpses of gold and blue PRT cars.

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InfoStation Screen

Constant Connectivity

Staying connected for news, happenings and up-to-the-minute notices are important to us. Wi-Fi connections are present throughout the building to help keep you current and ready to connect throughout your day. Information stations are also located on each floor to share the latest announcements and to alert students in case of an emergency.

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Water Bottle Fountain

Ecofriendliness Made Easy

WVU is committed to sustainability and the School of Sport Sciences building reflects this mission. Boasting several ecofriendly filtered water stations on every floor, it’s easy to stay hydrated and healthy. Single-stream recycling receptacles are conveniently located throughout the building. We are also dedicated to reducing energy use and conserving energy when possible.

Sustainability at WVU

Weight Room

Specialized Fitness Training

The instructional fitness lab is equipped for hands-on training and is an optimal learning environment for the CAHS strength and conditioning classes. It is also utilized for CAHS Coaching and Performance Science program and WVU club sports.

Fitness Instruction Rooms

Fitness Instruction Rooms

CAHS’ multipurpose gym provides 1,315 sq. ft. of instructional space. The space is utilized for research, Lifetime Activities, Athletic Coaching Education (ACE), Physical Education and Teaching Education (PETE) and WVU Club Sports. This area has an adjacent observation room.

Counselor Training Lab

Counselor Training

Sports and Exercise Psychology (SEP) helps students combine a passion for sports with an evidence-based approach to psychology. The counseling observation room provides private space to observe interaction. Documentation capabilities are available through equipment in the space.

Behavior Lab

Behavior Lab

Adjacent to the CAHS multipurpose gym, this lab offers observation opportunities with no impact on activities or research happening in the gym. Documentation capabilities are available through equipment in the space.

Injury Research Lab

Injury Research Lab

The lab offers a unique chance to immediately observe and gain clinical experience in sport medicine. The lab is complete with an adjacent observation room with recording equipment.

Research Wall

Promoting Research

The Dr. John and Kacey Gay Endowment provided support for research and teaching initiatives at CAHS. Visit the interactive research monitor, highlighting faculty research, presentations and leadership in the fields of physical activity, sport science and the business of sport.

Research at WVU

CAHS Wall of Honor

Honoring Alumni and Friends

Discover the history of CAHS through interactive monitors in the main lobby. Read about donors and how they have provided support for student scholarships and building expansion. Learn more about outstanding graduates and how they credit WVU and CAHS mentors for their success in West Virginia and beyond.

CAHS Hall of Fame

Allen HAll (ALH)

Allen Hall is located adjacent to the Towers Residential Complex.

The outside entrance of Allen Hall with the WVU Water Tower in the background

Allen Hall

Overlooking the Evansdale campus, Allen Hall is home to many classes for the School of Counseling and Well-Being and the School of Education. 

The lobby in the Allen Hall Entrance has lots of tables, chairs and TV's

Hang Out

Students can take a break, catch up on some homework or get a snack and watch TV in the lounge.

A student uses the computer lab to complete assignments

Stay Connected

Students can check e-mail or finish up their latest assignment on one of over 20 computers available on the main floor.  

Tables for both adult and children and technology equipment fills the CATE lab


The Collaborative Assistive Technology Education (CATE) Lab features an interactive workspace and mock classroom design supporting the integration of assistive technology (AT) into the home, school and work environment.

A student uses a VR headset while others see her progress on the display board behind her

Virtual Reality

The CATE Lab features activities to challenge students through the use of Virtual Reality experiences. The Lab supports the use of the VR Headset to facilitate the experience from a student with special needs’ perspective in order to support their teaching and learning environment.

A student uses a computer to 3d print a tool for classrooms

3D Printing

The CATE Lab allows students to create objects using a 3D Printer that can be used during lesson planning in field experience classrooms or during home visits. Students can create unique objects or modify an object to support an individual with special needs.

A student reads a book in the Allen Hall student library

Little Library

Elementary education students can browse a wide selection of books to incorporate in their lesson plans.

A classroom of students listen as a lecture begins

Traditional and Technological

Many classrooms in Allen Hall are set up for traditional learning while also utilizing modern technologies.

Two graduate students discuss their day and assignments in the break room

Take A Break

Spacious break areas are available throughout the building for students and faculty to use in the middle of a busy day.

Students discuss scheduling options with a counselor in one of Allen Hall's meeting rooms

Collaboration is Key

Get together with fellow students or talk to your advisor in one of the meeting spaces.

Students play on the Basketball and Volleyball courts outside of Allen Hall

Go Play

Right outside the steps of Allen Hall are numerous recreation areas, including beach volleyball courts, basketball courts and a large turfed fields.