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School of Counseling and Well-Being

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Regina Burgess

Teaching Instructor


ALH 504C

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Professional Highlights

  • Partnered with FBI Behavioral Science Unit to develop the Global Hostage-taking Research and Analysis Project (GHosT-RAP)
  • Studied ambushes against law enforcement officers in collaboration with FBI’s Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA)
Portrait of Kim Floyd

Kimberly Floyd

Collaborative and Instructional Technology Education Lab, Coordinator

Associate Professor


ALH 503E

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Professional Highlights

  • Kim and Kasey Floyd Social Justice Award, 2023
  • WVU Faculty Digital Learning Award, 2021
  • American Council on Rural Special Education Eagle Award, 2020
  • Outstanding Teacher Award, College of Applied Human Sciences, 2010 & 2013
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Brittany Hoover

Field Experience Coordinator

Visiting Assistant Professor


ALH 507E

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Professional Highlights

  • West Virginia University Field Experience Coordinator
  • Faculty Indiana University of Pennsylvania College Counseling Center
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
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Ed Jacobs

Associate Professor


ALH 504N

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Professional Highlights

  • Areas of expertise: Group Counseling, Impact Therapy
  • Research interests: Effective Teaching, Creative Counseling
Studio portrait of Emily Murphy. She has long blond hair and wears a blue shirt.

Professional Highlights

  • Past WVU Faculty Senate Chair (2019-20)
  • WVU Board of Governors Member
  • Research emphasis in obesity prevention for individuals, families and communities
Portrait of George Mamboleo.

George Mamboleo

Associate Professor


ALH 504-D

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Portrait of Lisa Platt.

Lisa F. Platt

Director of Clinical Training for Counseling Psychology

Associate Professor


ALH 504P

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Professional Highlights

  • Licensed Psychologist in the state of West Virginia (#1134)
  • Outstanding Researcher Award, WVU College of Education and Human Services, 2019-2020
  • SPECTRUM LGBTQ+ Award, Association for Women in Psychology, 2017
Portrait of Kristine taken in woodburn circle

Professional Highlights

  • National Certified Counselor, #758617
  • Co-founding member of Strengthening the Heartland, a federal grant funded multi-state collaborative focused on rural wellness and positive youth development initiatives
Portrait of Amy Kennedy

Professional Highlights

  • WVU Office of the Provost Most Valuable Player Award for Campus Health and Safety, 2020
  • Research interests: determinants of parenting, emotion socialization, impact of home visitation programs, children’s emotional development
Portrait of Lacey Sawyers

Lacey Sawyers

Teaching Assistant Professor

ALH 509F

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Professional Highlights

  • EMDR trained therapist specializing in the treatment of individuals with substance use disorders
  • Special interest in teaching/treating Appalachian issues including generational trauma, systemic oppression, and substance use disorders
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Frankie Tack

Program Coordinator: Mental Health and Addiction Studies

Service Associate Professor


ALH 508F

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Professional Highlights

  • Service-Learning Instruction Award, WVU, 2022
  • Distinguished Service Award, West Virginia Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors, 2021
  • Laddie R. Bell Distinguished Service Award, WVU College of Education and Human Services, 2020
Portrait of Jessica Troilo

Jessica Troilo

Associate Dean for Research, Engagement, and Faculty Affairs

Associate Professor


AHB 278

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Professional Highlights

  • Co-authored over 30 book chapters and journal articles and delivered over 60 presentations on family processes.
  • Co-creator and trainer of a professional development program offered across West Virginia to support professionals impacted by addiction.
  • Expert blogger, Psychology Today since 2017.