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Office of Student Success

Office of Student Success TEAM

Our team is ready to help you with any aspect pertaining to your academic career. Through developmental and appreciative advising approaches, the members of the Office of Student Success can guide you on the right path toward completing your CAHS degree. As a part of the larger Mountaineer family, we look forward to integrating all students into our CAHS family.

Portrait of a man in a blue sport coat with short hair, a beard and glasses.

Ken Cornwell

Recruitment Specialist


AHB-E 105C

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Portrait of Kelly Drayer

Kelly Drayer

Student Experience Coordinator


AHB-E 109F

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Professional Headshot of Cole Kocher

Cole Kocher

Student Success Coordinator


AHB-E 109A

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Melinda Gallagher

Student Success Coordinator


AHB-E 109D

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Cathy Manley

Student Success Coordinator


AHB-E 105A

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Headshot of Liz Rexroad

Liz Rexroad

Student Success Coordinator


109C AHB & 602E ALH

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Betsy Robbins

Student Success Coordinator

(304) 293-0838

AHB-E 109G

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Portrait of Brandon Squires

Brandon Squires

Student Success Coordinator


AHB-E 105D

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Hilary Woodrum

Student Success Coordinator


AHB-E 105E

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