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Strength and Conditioning

The goal of West Virginia’s strength and conditioning program is to build the total student-athlete in body and mind. Properly conditioned athletes are healthy athletes and less prone to injury. WVU’s strength coaches are outstanding teachers and emphasize safety, technique and nutrition. All athletic weight rooms are equipped with the latest technology to produce fine-tuned athletes who know that championships are won by those who embrace hard work and have the discipline to tolerate discomfort.


  • Assist in spotting student-athletes
  • Give coaching cues to student-athlete while training
  • Take an individual student-athlete through an entire training session
  • Assist and help design a program and lead a team through a warm-up
  • Assist and help lead a team strength training session
  • Assist and help design and lead an agility/conditioning session
  • Design and implement a semester or year-long strength and conditioning program for a sport team

Note: Graduate Assistants must be certified by a nationally accredited strength and conditioning certification program (NSCA OR CSCCa).

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