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Mountaineer Goal

Gaining Opportunity in Athletics Leadership


An Important Step

No matter your specific career path in sport, you need to build your resume in a way that stands out.

WVU Football Student Managers Feature

Explore your career interests with CAHS Mountaineer GOAL Program, the one-stop shop for your passion in sports. In the competitive world of sports business, an internship gives you critical first-hand experience and a jump start in the growing sports industry.   

Through the new Mountaineer GOAL Program partnership with WVU Athletics, CAHS students have a unique opportunity to gain direct professional experience within a Power 5 sports setting. Mountaineer GOAL Program is designed exclusively for students majoring within CAHS. The Mountaineer GOAL internship program will help students stand out within the sports field, while proving grit and perseverance to potential employers.  

Student Pathway

There are multiple steps necessary to secure an experience with WVU Athletics through the Mountaineer GOAL Program. See see the pathway below and note the actions required to complete each phase.


Prospects are CAHS majors who are eligible for completion of an internship or other field placement.

Complete your application at the beginning of each school year for priority consideration. You may submit an application at any time.


Students complete the application and are reviewed by the Office of Student Success and WVU Athletics.

Keep an eye on your email and be prepared to work on a gameday.


Successful applicants are selected for a pre-internship opportunity as a testing grounds for a full internship.

Use this as an opportunity to set a good first impression and to network.


Interns work closely with WVU Athletics personnel and receive course credit during this opportunity.

Use an internship as your opportunity to add Big 12 career experience to your resume.

Applicants to the Mountaineer GOAL Program must be current CAHS students. Applicants are not guaranteed to be selected for an internship experience. Students should be thorough and submit the strongest possible application for consideration. Selections are ultimately made by supervisors working within WVU Athletics.

Aryaunna Mosley portrait

Sport Management

Building a Network

Aryaunna Mosley

Mosley worked with the WVU women’s basketball team during the 2018-2019 season as a student assistant and then became a team manager during the following season. She was offered an internship with the WNBA Los Angeles Sparks in the summer of 2019 and another internship with the Atlanta Dream for this upcoming 2020 season. She was one of six students selected to work the 2020 Big 12 women's basketball tournament in Kansas City, Missouri.

More About Aryaunna

Internship Experiences

Kickstart your career in sport with an internship in WVU Athletics

Students at any level can start gaining meaningful experience with WVU Athletics. Freshmen might start getting their foot in the door with one-day or weekend long volunteer opportunities such as assisting at Gymnastics meets, being a ball shagger for Soccer games, or helping behind the scenes at the Big XII Swimming and Diving Championships. This is a great way to start building your resume and growing your professional network! 

For those looking for semester-long or even year-long opportunities, we have a whole range of departments within WVU Athletics that provide hands-on experiences. Whether you're interested in being a manager for a specific sport like Football or Basketball, working with WVU Athletics Marketing, learning more about sponsorship or sales, or learning the ins and outs of facilities and event operations, we can help you make those connections. Speak with your advisor about your areas of interest and they can support you in pursuing opportunities!  

Assistantship Experiences

Refine your knowledge and skills through a graduate assistantship

At the final pathway level, CAHS students can earn a highly sought after graduate assistantship with WVU Athletics that aligns with a specific career in the sport industry. Graduate assistantships afford students access to numerous CAHS alumni to further broaden their professional networks.

CAHS students interested in a GA position with WVU Athletics should review the various opportunities and apply through Mountaineer GOAL Virtual information sessions will guide you through the application process, to answer your questions and facilitate positive results. Session dates/times will be announced. Students should continue to check this site and WVU email for updates about upcoming sessions.

Graduate assistant positions are awarded on a competitive basis and include a full or partial university tuition waiver and stipend depending on the appointment. Please review the detailed policies, procedures, and guidelines for graduate assistant positions at West Virginia University before applying. Students enrolled in CPASS online programs are not eligible for graduate assistantships due to the use of a different tuition model.

Undergraduate students are not eligible for graduate assistantships. Only students who have completed a bachelor’s degree at the start of their graduate assistantship will be considered for a graduate assistantship.

Assistantship information Review Assistantship Placements