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Application Instructions

Approval Process

You are responsible for finding your own internship, so start your search early. Please remember that you will not be able to register for your internship course until you have a signed Internship Approval Form on file with the CAHS Office of Student Success.

  1. Begin your internship search by reflecting on your career goals, preparing your cover letter/resume (consider asking for assistance from Career Center personnel), talking options over with program faculty, searching online for organizations of interest, talking with people in the community/profession and reviewing the opportunities sent weekly in Momentum Monday.

  2. Talk with potential internship sites to secure a spot within an organization to complete your internship

  3. Once you have identified and been selected for an internship placement, complete the internship agreement to start the approval process. All requests for internship approval must begin at this point.

  4. Your survey response will be sent to our Office of Student Success staff who will then route the Internship Approval Form for the required electronic signatures (Student Intern > Internship Site Supervisor > Program Coordinator). You are encouraged to check on the status of your Internship Approval Form if you do not receive notice that the form has been completed and signed by all required parties.

    Student Intern: You will need to provide details on our internship site and an electronic signature.

    Internship Site Supervisor: This is the person who will supervise your internship and evaluate your performance. You will need accurate contact information for them including their phone and email address.

    Program Coordinator: This is the university faculty member who oversees your internship program. We will make sure that your form gets to the correct faculty member for final approval based on major or minor.

  5. When we receive your completed and signed Internship Approval Form from the Program Coordinator, a member of the Office of Student Success staff will lift the registration hold on the course and send you a reminder to register.

  6. Look for additional information from your course instructor close to the start of semester, with more specific information about your internship requirements.