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YOU at WVU User Update

Last fall semester, the College of Applied Human Sciences launched a new web app designed to support students through a comprehensive approach to well-being and student success – YOU at WVU.  The web app delivers personalized content digitally, and also works to connect students to people and resources on campus that can help them to achieve success. It helps to bridge that gap between the digital world and WVU’s campus. 

We are thrilled to report that we can see a substantial, positive impact that this resource has had on our students, particularly our first-time students for whom this web app was targeted. YOU at WVU provides students access to over 2,500 evidence-based resources and normalizes personalized well-being for each student. Through self-check assessments, goal setting, and skill-building modules students develop a growth mindset and resilience.  This semester CAHS students completed over 1,000 self-checks, created over 900 goals, and engaged with over 3,000 resources.

Students were able to find help with issues such as loneliness and depression, relationships and making friends, degree and career options, finding purpose and meaning, and improving fitness and nutrition. They also set relevant and achievable goals centered on their academics and grades, successfully de-stressing, improving sleep, and learning about their strengths. The YOU at WVU platform resulted in increased awareness of and connection to campus resources.  

We will continue to integrate the YOU at WVU web app into our curriculum and ensure that the targeted and timely support it provides reaches students across the college. 

Hilary Woodrum
Student Success Coordinator
College of Applied Human Sciences
West Virginia University