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Empowering Your Student

Cole Smith |

The College of Applied Human Sciences (CAHS) recognizes that the wants and needs of our students have changed, and that to best serve them we need to be able to act faster and provide a more personalized support structure. Our students have embraced technology as a source of solutions and support, and CAHS has developed a new web-based app focused on the overall well-being of students that meets them right where they are.  The YOU at WVU app simultaneously delivers personalized content virtually while also working to connect students to people and physical resources on campus that can help them achieve personal and academic success. YOU at WVU bridges that gap between their digital world and WVU’s campus. 

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Cole Smith |

The West Virginia University College of Applied Human Sciences has embraced Appreciative Advising and Instruction as a foundation for our approach to student success. Appreciative advising and instruction are innovative approaches used by faculty and staff that utilize dialogue and conversations with students to reveal their strengths, advantages, and opportunities. In essence, the approach is about talking with students and learning about their unique paths.

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