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Why Movbands?

Think of it like an essential textbook for a lecture-based course.

Within the physical education field, we continue to utilize additional resources to support the College's goal of guiding people to be healthy and physically active for a lifetime. Within the School of Sport Sciences, we require Movbands in every Physical Education (PE) course because:

  1. Movbands are a motivational tool to monitor physical activity in and outside of class.
  2. Movbands provide immediate feedback to students about their engagement in physical activity.
  3. Movbands provide important assessment measures for the students and instructors.

Movbands are required in all PE courses at WVU. If you have already taken a PE course, and you still have your Movband 4, you can use it again or purchase a new Movband 5.

Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting