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Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

When do you need a Movband?

You are required to have a Movband by the end of your second day of your physical education class.

How long will my Engage license last?

Your license is good for 12 months from the purchase date and can be used for multiple courses requiring the Movband during this time. If you need assistance, contact 

Note: You will need to renew the license annually to continue using the band in School of Sport Sciences courses.

I don’t think that I am enrolled in my proper CRN’s group.

You can view with CRN group you are in by logging into your Engage dashboard, clicking on the Welcome, Name drop-down, the going to the Groups page. You should also see what group you belong to right on your dashboard’s main page. If you’re not in the correct group or need to be added to another CRN group, reach out to

Trouble logging in

First, be sure to log onto this URL: If you are still having issues, reach out to They can help reset your password.

Missing tracking information for my order

Delivery orders are shipped by USPS in the continental USA. Allow 7-10 days for delivery under normal circumstances; allowing additional time during holidays. You can obtain your order tracking number by contacting

I already have a third-party fitness tracker (Fitbit, Apple Smartwatch, etc), may I use it to track my steps?

No. The curriculum set requires the use of a Movband 5 only.

Is the Movband 5 truly waterproof?

The Movband 5 is water resistant up to four meters. Be cautious if you wear your Movband in pools that are deeper than four meters. Also, do not wear your Movband where water temperatures are hot or steam is present. Steam and excessively hot water can damage the device.

How much memory does my Movband 5 have?

The Movband 5 holds 3 days worth of activity. When the memory is full, your Movband 5 will dump your progress, so remember to synch nightly as well as when you have one battery bar. If your phone battery is depleted, your data may be lost.

*Please note, if your Movband's memory reaches capacity, it will look as if it is still tracking but will not add more activity to your account. We recommend syncing daily to ensure your memory does not fill up.

How much battery life does my Movband 5 have? How do I charge my Movband?

Under normal usage, one should expect 10 to 14 days' worth of battery power per charge. Full use of all notifications will reduce the battery life.

Please connect your Movband to any 2.0 or higher USB phone charger in a wall outlet or directly into a computer USB port while the computer is on.

How should I use my Movband when biking? 

Because your hands are mostly stationary on the handlebars when biking and are not picking up your movement, you may either wear your Movband around your ankle, preferably inside your sock, to capture movement while cycling or spinning.

What should I do if my Movband malfunctions?

If your Movband malfunctions, immediately contact and then inform your instructor.