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Mid-Term Grades, What Do They Mean and What Can I Do?

As the seasons transition from summer to fall, your student is likely transitioning from a nervous and excited newbie on campus, to someone with a new sense of self, purpose, community, and routine. They have found their flow in their courses, and most have taken at least one big exam. Mid-term grades will be released this month and they serve as a snapshot in time of how your student is performing in his/her/their courses.

A few reminders:

  1. Mid-term grades are not part of the permanent academic record. They are just for your student to know where they stand at this point in the semester.
  2. Mid-term grades are sometimes not a complete picture. Instructors may not have all the grades submitted calculated in the mid-term grade, late work may not be applied, etc.
    1. Make sure your student asks for clarification as to what is included in the mid-term grade.
  3. There is still plenty of time to boost that grade!
    1. Do some calculations to determine how many points are still available in the course. See where your student could end up if they complete all the remaining work.
    2. There are lot of tutoring options available at WVU if you use the Find Your Tutoring Center tool here:
    3. WVU also offers Success Coaching and Academic Strategies sessions to help develop strong study habits and time management skills.
    4. Make sure you student is getting accommodations if they qualify for them! Work with the Office of Accessibility Services if you think your student would benefit from accommodations:
  4. Other options exist if courses are not going as well as we would like.
    1. Have your student talk to their academic advisor to explore potential solutions including withdrawing, mid-semester courses, etc.
      1. Withdrawing may have Financial Aid implications, so make sure they talk to someone before proceeding with a withdrawal.
  5. If your student is feeling overwhelmed and would like to speak with someone, the Carruth Center is fabulous.
    1. Students also have access to Talkspace at no cost!
    2. Another resource that is exclusive to College of Applied Human Sciences is, which has a lot of resources to help your student Thrive, Succeed and Matter.

This is also about the time where your student will be having their academic advising appointment to discuss how their course are going, their plans for the spring semester, and address any academic questions or concerns. Encourage them to bring any potential issues to their advisor’s attention. We are happy to help them find their fit here at WVU, even if it’s not with us! Advisors can be your student’s best advocate and strongest teammate to help them achieve their goals!

Betsy Robbins

Student Success Coordinator
College of Applied Human Sciences