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Career Readiness

We are thrilled to share some exciting news about your first-year freshman's college experience! As they embark on this new chapter in their lives, we want to highlight the importance of career readiness and its positive impact on their future success. In May, our Office of Student Success created and filled a new role within CAHS to assist with preparing our students to be career ready. Kelly Drayer, our new Student Experience Coordinator, is here to do just that! Career readiness serves as the cornerstone for a smooth transition into the workforce. It is the steppingstone that propels their career forward and sets the stage for a prosperous future. Think of career readiness as the new and vibrant currency that opens doors to endless possibilities. Kelly will be working alongside your student from day one and remain a constant resource throughout their college undergraduate journey. She will be modeling the 8 core National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) competencies for a career-ready workforce.

Career & Self Development

Proactively develop oneself and one’s career through continual personal and professional learning, awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses, navigation of career opportunities, and networking to build relationships within and without one’s organization.


Clearly and effectively exchange information, ideas, facts, and perspectives with persons inside and outside of an organization.

Critical Thinking

Identify and respond to needs based upon an understanding of situational context and logical analysis of relevant information.

Equity & Inclusion

Demonstrate the awareness, attitude, knowledge, and skills required to equitably engage and include people from different local and global cultures. Engage in anti-racist practices that actively challenge the systems, structures, and policies of racism.


Recognize and capitalize on personal and team strengths to achieve organizational goals.


Knowing work environments differ greatly, understand and demonstrate effective work habits, and act in the interest of the larger community and workplace.


Build and maintain collaborative relationships to work effectively toward common goals, while appreciating diverse viewpoints and shared responsibilities.


Understand and leverage technologies ethically to enhance efficiencies, complete tasks, and accomplish goals.

Our Office of Student Success couldn't be more excited to witness your freshman's growth and development throughout their college journey. With career readiness as their compass, we have no doubt that they will navigate their path to success with confidence and enthusiasm.

Wishing you and your freshman an incredible year filled with boundless opportunities!