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Research Week Virtual Hallways

Faculty and Student Research Poster Display

Flourishing During Emerging and Early Established Adulthood: Contributions of Satisfaction with Love, Education, Work, and Leisure

Rawn Boulden, Catherine Hommer, & Kalo Sokoto

Validation of the Intuitive Exercise Scale for clients with eating disorders

Dana K. Voelker, Nick Galli, Maya Miyairi, Justine J. Reel, Karley James

Undergraduate Students’ Experience of Surprise Caused by Exam Performances in Foundational Engineering Classes

Jiangmei Yuan, Siddarth Savadatti, Alexander Houchins, Ugur Kale

Recursive readings and reckonings: Kindergarteners’ multimodal transactions with a nonfiction picturebook

Courtney Shimek

Effect of Fatigue on Leg Muscle Activation and Tibial Acceleration during a Jumping Task

Michelle A. Sandrey, Yu-Jen Chang, Krista Meder, Jean L. McCrory

Seeing Our Voices - Pilot Study

Dariane Drake and Erin McHenry-Sorber

Looking for Love? Single Young Adults' Interest and Participation in Romantic Activities

Jonathon J. Beckmeyer; Tyler B. Jamison

When, Where, and Why Do College Athletes and Coaches Use Mindfulness?

Sam Zizzi, Blake Costalupes, Thomas Minkler

Changes in college students’ sexual behaviors at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

Kristin Moilanen, Nick Turiano, and Abhik Roy

Intrapreneurship through uncertain times: Exploring innovation strategies among campus recreation employees

Nathan R. Baer (LSU), Claire C. Zvosec, Ph.D. (LSU), Minjung Kim, Ph.D. (Texas A&M), and Brent D. Oja, Ph.D. (WVU)

Evaluating the Literacy Levels of Opioid Agreements

Aimee Morewood, Ph.D. and Canyon Lohnas, College of Education and Human Services; Monika Holbein, M.D., Corinne Layne-Stuart, D.O. and Stephanie Pockl, M.D., WVU Medicine; Renée Nicholson, MFA, WVU Humanities Center

Evaluating Mexican Perceptions of the United States and Americans Following a Short Term Sport for Development and Peace Initiative

Adam H. Hansell, Dana K. Voelker, Sofía España Pérez, Jack Watson II, Cheyenne Luzynski, Gonzalo Bravo, Peter Giacobbi Jr., & Alejandra Gonzalez Gallegos

Teachers’ Planned Use of Place-Based Stories Rooted in Students’ Everyday Experiences of Natural Phenomenon

Melissa J. Luna

College Students’ Covid-19 Attitudes & Mental Health: The Role of Empathic Concern and Social Connectedness

Gabrielle C. Kline & Samantha K. Jones

Influencing factors on consumers' reaction to a pro sports team's CSR activities

Cindy Lee, Hyejin Bang, & Boyun Woo

The effects of self-concept on motivational behaviors in mathematics learning: The contingent roles of teacher cognitive activation and gender

Yuanhua Wang

Resources for Post-Divorce Family Resiliency: What Divorced Parents Think Helped and What Did Not

Jonathon J. Beckmeyer; Luke T. Russell

Feasibility and Acceptability of Guided Imagery to Sequentially Address Multiple Health Behaviors During Pregnancy

Peter Giacobbi Jr, Danielle Symons Downs, Treah Haggerty, Stanislav Pidhorskyi, D Leann Long, Melanie Clemmer, Shari A Steinman, Melissa D Olfert, Kelsey Kinnamon, Neel Rao, Hannah Staggs, Donald Adjeroh

Researchers’ Interest-Centered Systematic Search (RICSS): A Tool for Identifying Journals Publishing New Ideas in Learning Sciences

Carinna F. Ferguson, Catherine L. Manley, Sumaia Ali Raisa, Habiba Jahan Seam, Robin Spitznogle, Jana K. Stone, & Reagan Curtis

Using a community-based participatory approach to improving food and physical activity access in rural WV

Sam Zizzi, Karly Casanave, Kerry Gabbert, Emily Murphy

Factors that Affect School Counselor Retention in Rural Settings: An Exploratory Study

Dr. Rawn Boulden & Dr. Christine Schimmel

Teaching Elementary Mathematics for Access and Equity in Appalachia

Johnna Bolyard, Sharon Hayes, Sean Freeland

Psychological contract, job satisfaction, commitment, and turnover intention: Exploring the moderating role of psychological contract breach in NCAA coaches

Gonzalo Bravo, Doyeon Won, & Wesiheng Chiu