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Graduate Faculty Membership Application

Application Instructions

The purpose of the Graduate Faculty Membership application is to demonstrate the applicant’s ability to teach, advise, and direct the research activity of graduate students. Please note that although a sustained pattern of activity in scholarship, mentoring, and other contributions to the field of study is optimal, active scholarship conducted within the previous three years will be the basis for graduate faculty status consideration. Refer to the College and University guidelines for information about who is eligible for Regular and Associate Graduate Faculty membership, as well as special considerations (CEHS site: ; WVU site: ).

Demonstration of Active Scholarship

Regular members must present evidence of continuing scholarly research during the previous three-year period. This evidence should illustrate ability to mentor doctoral-level research. Criteria include two or more publications in major peer-reviewed journals or publication of reviewed major works (i.e., scholarly books and/or book chapters within major works, such as handbooks).

Associate members must present evidence of continuing scholarly research during the previous three-year period. Criteria include two or more of the following scholarly research activities: refereed publications, invited and/or competitively-selected presentations.

Applications for Exceptions

Individuals with special qualifications who do not meet the standards for associate or regular membership may be appointed to the graduate faculty for a term specified by the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education. A request for an exception will be reviewed by the Chair of the annual review committee, the Department Chairperson, and the Academic and Student Affairs Committee. The recommendation, along with supporting documentation (e.g., a letter from the Department Chairperson) justifying the request for exception, will be sent to the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education for review. These individuals must follow the same procedures for review, approval, and continuation as a regular or associate member of the graduate faculty.


The application must be submitted online via the form below. If you are having trouble viewing this form, please view it at

Application for renewed appointment to the graduate faculty must be completed by November 30 of the third year following the year of initial appointment or subsequent renewals. Membership will expire on December 31 of that year.