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Welcome Aboard

Welcome to CAHS! We are very happy to have you! We have a wonderful team of individuals who will be happy to assist you with your business needs. Below is a list of useful links and contacts.

On This Page

Information Technology

  • You will use the same WVU Login ID to access all WVU online systems (including WVU.Encrypted Wi-Fi) and computers.  Instructions to claim and set up your WVU Login account can be found here.

  • You are assigned a WVU-owned computer for your work related to your employment with CAHS.  Please take a few moments to review the Acceptable Use Policy and Standards:

  • You can access your WVU employee email with the Microsoft Outlook app (part of Office365) installed on your WVU computer as well as via Office365 Web App for WVU from any computer or mobile device, and via the Outlook mobile app on your personal mobile devices.

  • contains a whole host of links and information, including pay statements, time, leave, expenses, ITS Help (for technology issues including connectivity on campus) and much more.  If you are also a faculty member or student, be sure to use the menu at the top left corner, to change your status to “employee” before you begin searching for information related to your employment.  We recommend setting the WVU Portal as one of your browser’s home pages on your WVU computer.

  • CAHS uses MS Teams (part of Office365) as well as email for internal communications and teamwork. You should have been added to the CAHS Team on MS Teams. If you are not familiar with Teams please see Microsoft’s training videos for Teams and the CAHS Guide to Teams

The Phone System

Making calls

  • To make a call inside of WVU, press 3 and the last four digits of the number on our phone list.
  • To make a local call, dial 9 and the full phone number.
  • To make a long-distance call, dial 8 and the full number.
More info on making calls Making conference calls

Voicemail operation

  • If you have not received instructions for accessing your voicemail, please contact
  • If you forget your voicemail PIN, just call the help desk at 293-4444 to request a reset.
  • The full directory for WVU can be found at
Download Telephone User Manual

Working Remotely

Payroll and Human Resources

  • The bi-weekly pay schedule can be found at:  Depending on your start date, you may work up to four weeks before receiving your first pay check.

  • If you are an hourly employee, you are required to record your time using either a wall clock, or a web clock.  Your supervisor can provide you with the required number of hours you must work each week.  Log in to, then using the menu at the top left, change your status to employee, you will then see a button to access your time card.  Further instructions for recording your time can be found here

  • If you are also a benefits eligible employee, you will earn both annual and sick leave.  Please ask me for details when you are ready to discuss further.  Instructions for requesting leave can be found here.  Be sure to speak with your supervisor in addition to submitting an online request.

  • Confidentiality agreement .  Please download, review, sign (using adobe sign is acceptable), and return to my attention at your earliest opportunity.

  • Questions regarding your paycheck should be addressed to your School Administrative Staff or

Important Contacts

Technical Assistance College-Wide

Deans Office / College Support

Includes Office of Student Success, Nursery School, and FiT Publishing

School of Counseling and Well-Being Support

School of Education Support

School of Sport Sciences Support