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Ostrow International Award

This award honors Andrew Ostrow and is intended for students completing a semester abroad or short faculty-led study abroad experience. Acceptable uses of this award include course tuition and fees, travel, housing, food, and other educational activities related with the study abroad experience.

The deadline to submit an application is January 31, 2022 at 5:00pm.


  • A maximum of $1,000 will be distributed each year.
  • Applicants to semester abroad programs (10 weeks or more) will receive priority over short-term study abroad programs.
  • For semester abroad programs there will be one single award of $1,000.
  • If no applications are submitted or awarded to a semester abroad program, the total award will be distributed to up to five applications for short-term study abroad programs (e.g., 2 awards of $500, 3 awards of $300, 4 awards of $250, or 5 awards of $200, etc.).

Use of Funding

  • Plane tickets, accommodation abroad, course tuition and fees, cost of visas, meals abroad, and other educational related activities that take place overseas.


  • Degree: Undergraduate
  • Major: Available to all CPASS majors
  • GPA: 3.0 cumulative 
  • Credits: Must have completed a minimum of 15 credits (prior to application).

Additional Notes

  • First preference will be to support a single student for a semester-long study abroad experience.