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Clinical Experience/Student Teaching Permit Process

One semester prior to student teaching, teacher candidates will need to apply for a WVDE Clinical Experience Permit. They will not be eligible to complete their student teaching without this permit.


Information and forms for this process can be obtained online from the West Virginia Department of Education .

  1. Form 7 - Applicant Consent/Release of Background Results

    Complete top box with Social Security number and name. DO NOT SIGN THIS FORM UNTIL YOU ARE IN FRONT OF A NOTARY PUBLIC.

    There are notaries located in Allen Hall that can provide this service free of charge. Please contact your program's coordinator to assist with setting up an appointment.

    Note: You will need to complete a separate Form 7 for every county in which you will have a placement. Check with your program coordinator to determine how many forms you will need to complete.

  2. Form 24 - Clinical Experience Permit Application (2 pages)

    • Page 1, Applicant Information

      Complete parts 1-4.

      **If a misdemeanor on Part 2 is marked “yes”, the student will need to provide documentation of criminal judgement AND a written personal statement

      Note: Do Not Complete Part 5 or use Form 4B.

    • Page 2, Permit Information

      Complete only your name and Social Security number at the top.
      If there is a change of county school districts during placement you will also need Form 24A application. For an out-of-state placement use Form 24B application.
    • For Residency I (BA Elementary Education only) use Form 24R.
    • Respective program coordinators or faculty members will complete Institutional Information, Part 1 and Anticipated Clinical P lacement box.

      • Stephanie Lorenze – BA in Elementary Education (Residency I Form 24R)
      • Jeffrey Carver – Masters and Certification Program (MAC)
      • Jeffrey Carver – WVU Teach
      • Melissa Kelley – Special Education
      • Ashley Martucci – Child Development & Family Studies (PreK Certification, online)
      • Audra Slocum - English Education
      • Hal Gorby - Social Studies Education
      • Jessica Blythe – Agriculture Education
      • Terese Giobbia – Art Education
      • Angela Munroe – Music Education
      • James Wyant – Physical Education
      • Tori Gilbert – Speech Language Pathology
      • Christine Schimmel – School Counseling

      JoDee Decker, WVU Field and Clinical Placement Coordinator, will then obtain the County Superintendents' signatures for each application.

      IHE and School/District/School Verifications, Part 2 will be verified, completed, signed and processed by Michelle Principe, WVU Certification Specialist.

Criminal Background Checks

To be receive a WVDE Clinical Experience Permit, the student must complete Federal and State Criminal Background checks via digital fingerprinting through IdentoGO by Idemia which will require a visit to one of their LiveScan locations around the state of West Virginia.

Once the Form 24 Clinical Experience Permit application is submitted to the West Virginia Department of Education, the student will receive an email that contains a Service Code to use when scheduling a fingerprinting appointment. (Digital fingerprinting appointments cannot be scheduled without this Service Code.)

Schedule a background check


  • Criminal background check/fingerprinting: Students can use debit, credit, check or money order at the LiveScan facility. (CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED)
  • Clinical Experience Permit (Form 24): pay online through the West Virginia Department of Education’s application payment system
    Please print a copy of payment receipt to turn in with the application.
To see current fees, check the WVDE teacher certification application website

All completed forms and supporting documents must be returned to:

Michelle Principe
Teacher Certification Program Manager
West Virginia University
College of Education and Human Services
Allen Hall
P.O. Box 6122
Morgantown, WV 26506