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Adapted Physical Education/Activity Graduate Research Assistants

School of Sport Sciences

These 12-month Graduate Research Assistantship positions within the Ph.D. Program in Kinesiology-Coaching and Teaching studies are available for students funded by a doctoral training grant from the U.S. Department of Education aimed at training high-quality scholars and researchers in the area of adapted physical activity. Positions are available to students who have been accepted into the Ph.D. program in Kinesiology- Coaching and Teaching Studies with a cognate in Adapted Physical Education/Activity. Graduate Research Assistants will receive a full-time tuition waiver, competitive graduate assistant stipend, and funding support for expenses related to professional development opportunities. Graduate Research Assistants will have a workload of 20 hours per week devoted to collaboration on high-quality research projects that advance knowledge in the field, attendance at multi-institutional seminars, experience in clinical supervision of undergraduate students during APE/APA practicum experiences, and opportunities to acquire college teaching experience in adapted physical education/activity at the undergraduate and master’s levels.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervision of undergraduate students during APE/APA practicum experiences
  • Serve as a teacher assistant for courses in adapted physical education/activity, disability sport, and recreation services for special populations at the undergraduate and master’s levels
  • Join a network of faculty and scholars at 9 leading doctoral training institutions in the field of APE
  • Participate in an APE summer institute and bi-weekly multi-institutional seminar
  • Involvement in multidisciplinary research and service projects related to adapted PE/PA, teacher education, motor development, motor skill interventions, and health disparities
  • Collaborate on high-quality research projects that advance knowledge in APA

Application Process

For application instructions, please visit the CAHS graduate assistantships page.