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Merit Tuition Waivers

Waivers of university tuition are provided for incoming and returning graduate student students who have demonstrated meritorious performance inside and outside the classroom. Students enrolled in our online programs are not eligible for these waivers.

Guidelines for graduate merit tuition waivers

  • Waivers cover university tuition only. Students are responsible for paying college tuition and university fees unless these costs are paid by another source.
  • Students may only receive waivers from one source for each term unless they are on a partial graduate assistantship, in which case they may receive merit waivers in addition to the five credits of waiver provided as part of their assistantship. Exceptions require permission from the Office of Graduate Education and Life.
  • Waivers cover the university tuition for coursework required by students' programs or approved by their advisors or program faculty.
  • Waivers can only be used for graduate/professional courses (400-level and above) that are required for their degree.

Each school has a primary contact person and application for graduate tuition waivers

School of Counseling and Well-being

Dana Musick

School of Education

Connie Miranov

School of Sport Sciences

Donna Staggs