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The name of the organization shall be the West Virginia University Athletic Training Alumni Association.


The WVUATAA is to support, serve, and implement strategies toward the advancement of the Athletic Training Curriculum at West Virginia University and its members.

Support – Members will provide support to the current curriculum in ways designated and agreed upon by the association, which will include but are not limited to networking, fundraising, strategies as well as educational advancements.

Service – Service will be provided by alumni to the curriculum in ways designated by the committee and members.

Strategies – The implementation of strategies concerning networking, fund raising and education will be put into place.

ARTICLE III. Membership

Membership into the WVUATAA will consist of past students (undergraduate, graduate), and past and current staff who serviced the West Virginia University Athletic Training Curriculum.

ARTICLE IV. Officers

The initial board will consist of four appointed members and additional members serving roles on committees designated by board. The structure of the board, length of terms and duties are listed below.


  • The chairperson shall preside over all meetings and special programs of the WVUATAA. (If chair is unable to attend he/she will appoint either and elected officer or committee chair to preside)
  • The chairperson shall work closely with current staff and liaisons.
  • The chairperson shall provide leadership and direction for WVUATAA.
  • The chairperson shall organize all meetings of the WVUATAA.
  • The chairperson shall appoint members to task’s and committees developed by the board (social, public relations, fund raising, etc.) and others as deemed necessary.
  • The length of term for the chairperson shall be 2 years, being replaced by the vice-chairperson, secretary, treasure, secretary/treasure or any appointed member from previous term which will be decided upon by written ballot.
  • There shall be a 2 term limit the chairperson.


  • The vice-chairperson shall assist chairperson in his/her duties or assume those duties in the absence of the chairperson.
  • The vice-chairperson shall be present at all meetings of the WVUATAA.
  • The vice-chairperson shall assist in appointing members to tasks groups or committees.
  • The length of term for the vice-chairperson shall be 2 years.  The vice-chairperson will then be eligible to run for chairperson or any other office.
  • There shall be a 2 term limit for the vice-chair.


  • The secretary will be present at all meeting of the WVUATAA.
  • The secretary will keep minutes at meeting of the WVUATAA.
  • The secretary will work with treasure on issues concerning membership and the foundation.
  • The term of the secretary shall be 2 years.  The secretary will then be eligible to run for chairperson, or any other office.
  • There shall be a 2 term limit for the secretary.


  • The treasurer will be present at all meetings of the WVUATAA.
  • The treasurer will work directly with the appointed person from the WVUFoundation and the secretary on the status of the associations account and membership.
  • The treasurer will provide for board and association a financial report at the annual meeting.
  • The term of the treasurer shall be 2 years.  The treasurer will then be eligible to run for chairperson, or any other office.
  • There shall be a 2 term limit for the treasurer.

Past Chairperson

  • The position of past chairperson will be present at all meetings of theWVUATAA.
  • The past chairperson will provide support and advice to the board as well as any other task as directed by the chairperson.
  • The past chairperson will exit the board when a new chairperson is elected.

Appointed Board Members

The additional board members will be appointed by the chairperson.  The terms for sitting on the board will be two years and no more than two terms. Each of the appointed board members will be asked to serve on designated committees as well as serve, support, and implement strategies of the WVUATAA.

ARTICLE V. Elections

Elections for chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, and treasurer will be held every two years at the NATA annual convention. Nominations for vice chairperson, secretary, and treasurer can be made to the chair of the nominating committee during the first quarter of the election year (limit five per person). Any member who wishes to run for chairperson must have had experience as any one of the elected board positions or other committee chairs.  If nominations for each position exceed five persons the board will narrow the field to the required number.  Written ballot shall determine the vice chairperson, secretary and treasurer during the WVUATAA annual meeting. Elections for chairperson shall be made between the current vice chairperson, secretary, and treasurer by written ballot.

ARTICLE VI. Meetings

There will be an annual meeting of the WVUATAA at the NATA Clinical Symposium. Additional meeting can be called by the board at times designated.

The order of business of meeting called shall be:

  • Call to order
  • Secretary report
  • Treasure report
  • Liaison report
  • Committee report
  • Old business
  • New business
  • Adjournment

ARTICLE VII. Committees

The WVUATAA will have the following committees:

  • fund raising
  • social/public relations
  • nominating
  • honors an awards
  • educational

Additional committees will be designated as necessary.

ARTICLE VIII. Parliamentary Procedure

How to bring a motion before the membership.

The three ways to motion comes before the membership are:

  1. a voting member makes a motion in the form of “I move that”....
  2. another voting member seconds the motion
  3. the chairperson repeats the motion and asks for discussion. All members who wish to speak pro or con to the motion can express their views within a set amount of time. A second only means that another person agrees that the motion should come up for discussion, not necessarily in agreement with it.

How to vote on a motion

When the membership is ready to vote, any of these methods can be used:

  • voice
  • show of hands
  • secret ballot

How to amend a motion

There are three ways to amend a motion:

  • by omitting a specific part
  • by adding a specific part
  • by substituting a specific part

In order for a motion to be amended, both the person who introduced the original motion and the person who seconded the original motion must agree to the amended motion before it can be substituted for the original, motion on the floor.

ARTICLE IX. Amendments

The constitution may be amended at any meeting of the WVUATAA membership by a 2/3 vote of membership present.