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Purchasing an Engage License

You must purchase an Engage license in order to register your Movband with your course. Once you've purchased a license, Engage will send you a token to redeem for configuring your account.

1. Select Your CRN

A) Go to to purchase a license to use your Movband for your class. Select the appropriate CRN for the PE course you are taking with your instructor.

Screenshot showing CRN dropdown menu

B) Select your class: Locate your class CRN from the second drop down menu and select it. Make sure you enroll in the correct CRN or you will not receive move credits in your class.

2. Confirm Order and Enter Billing Address

Screenshot showing where to view cost and enter your email address

C) Order Confirmation Software registration cost is $18 and is an annual fee. Make sure that you're only purchasing one license.

D) Enter Billing Address. Make sure you enter the same address that is associated with your credit card.

3. Complete Your Purchase

Screenshot showing where to enter payment information

E) Complete Your Purchase. Enter your payment information and make sure that you're entering the same card that is associated with the billing address entered in the previous step. Your final total should be $18.

4. Review Receipt and Get Your Token

Engage will use the email entered in step 2 to send a receipt containing a token. One license/token covers all courses for a year. If you have more than one course, please contact your additional PE courses instructors for help with configuration.

For assistance with your token purchase or if you changed courses after enrolling in a CRN, please contact