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App and Account Configuration

Movband apps are available for both Android and iOS.

Movband 5 Instructions

1. Charge Your Movband

Photo of Movband

Fully charging your Movband 5 takes 2.5 hours. Download the Movband 5 quickstart guide for instructions on disconnecting the band and syncing.

2. Download the Engage Moves Phone App

Screenshot of Engage Moves app screen

Engage Moves on the Apple App Store Engage Moves on Google Play

3. Create an Account and Connect the Device

  • Use the App to create an account.
  • Join your group with your invite code from the token registration above.
  • Login to your account and allow the device to pair to your phone and allow notifications.
  • Press the blue “Connect Device” button.

    You may need to drag down on the device screen a few times until the device appears

4. Your First Sync

Wear the device for 30 mins, then sync to complete registration and data transfer. Your account will only begin tracking activity after your first sync.

5. Sync Daily

Be sure to Sync daily to ensure that all of your activity data is uploaded to your account. Just open the app and your data will sync automatically. You can also drag down on the home screen to sync manually.