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CAHS Onboarding

Here you can find required steps and follow up information.

Payroll Processing

  • You will be contacted by with instructions for processing for payroll. **This must be completed prior to your start date! Please follow these instructions carefully and reach out promptly if you need assistance.
  • If you have not received these instructions, please contact:

Official Transcripts


  • You will need to request an unopened or electronic OFFICIAL transcript from the institution where you received your highest/terminal degree.
  • If your highest degree is from WVU, please notify Mary Kinsley and she will request your transcripts for you.
  • Please provide OFFICIAL transcripts to

Background Check

  • You will be contacted by EBI, Inc., a third-party service provider, to initiate a background check.
  • The email will arrive from
  • This email often lands in your Spam or Junk folder due to the internal link.
  • Action is required on your part to move this process forward.
  • International background checks may take longer to complete.

Title IX Training

  • You will receive a link to complete required Title IX training through WVU Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
  • The email will be from West Virginia University with a subject line that reads: West Virginia University Required Online Training.
  • This email often lands in your Spam or Junk folder due to the internal link.
  • The training must be completed annually.

Children On Campus Training

  • Must be completed before working with any minor.
  • You will receive a certificate upon completion and must forward a copy to Mary Kinsley at

Email Accounts

  • Once processed, you will receive email communication with your WVU ID and login instructions.
  • You will be assigned an email address (for students & faculty) primarily for course related email activity.
  • You will also be assigned an email address for official business. Log in at or via
  • Be sure to check both email accounts frequently to avoid missing important communications.
  • You may forward your @mail account to your @mix account, however the reverse is highly discouraged.

Course Preparation

Important contact names